Thursday, August 14, 2008

You Can’t Specify the Outbound IP Address in ISA Server 2006

I just spent several hours attempting to set my outbound SMTP traffic from Exchange 2007 to use a specific IP on my ISA Server 2006 external NIC of the 5 available.  I wanted to isolate mail traffic to a specific IP address.  However, it turns out that you cannot send traffic over a specific IP in ISA 2006 for any protocol, unless you install another NIC with the IP address that you want to send on.  Here is a blurb that was posted by someone on Experts-Exchange after they spoke with Microsoft support on this issue (Not linking since you won’t be able to see the link):

'No version of ISA can, to date, select the IP address that will be used for outbound NAT addressing - only inbound as I have mentioned before. This facility WILL be introduced in ISA 2008 either in the beta release or in the full version. Yes, you can use an additional NIC with a public IP and route mail through that connector but long term, this is not a scaleable option'.

Virtual PC 2007 Laptop Install Mouse Hesitation Fix

If you are running Virtual PC 2007 on a laptop and are experience mouse stutter or hesitation (no matter how much memory or how powerful your laptop), there is a fix.  Here is a link to the explanation, but the short version is find the options.xml file on your C:\ drive (in my case it is in c:\Users\Josh\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\).  Add the following section immediately after the last </virtual_network> tag:

    <enable_idle_thread type="boolean">true</enable_idle_thread>

Monday, August 4, 2008

Useful Visio stencil set for SQL Server 2005

I am putting this here for my own future reference.  There is a useful set of Visio stencils for SQL Server 2005 at Visio Toolbox.  Here is a link to the page that they are on, and a direct link to the .zip file.  These stencils appear to have actually been created by Microsoft directly, since the page is on a Microsoft website.

There is also a page on the site that shows how to work with Visio and SQL Server.  There are several videos and a couple of downloads.