Monday, August 4, 2008

Useful Visio stencil set for SQL Server 2005

I am putting this here for my own future reference.  There is a useful set of Visio stencils for SQL Server 2005 at Visio Toolbox.  Here is a link to the page that they are on, and a direct link to the .zip file.  These stencils appear to have actually been created by Microsoft directly, since the page is on a Microsoft website.

There is also a page on the site that shows how to work with Visio and SQL Server.  There are several videos and a couple of downloads.


Guymai traditionelle Thaimassage said...

excellent - THX for that ! It is very useful for me, because i have to design our coporate wide MS BI landscape.

dietmar hoffmann

Hennie said...

thanx. great post

emily said...

Hi Josh..I've gone through visiotoolbox..excellent site to download Visio add ins, templates, dashboards. Thanks for the post..!!

Anonymous said...

Your link no longer works.

MarkGStacey said...

So the shapes are up on

I’ve also started building up my own set.

It’s continually a work in progress, but I currently have:
Analysis Services (MultiDimensional)
Analysis Services (Tabular)
Data Quality Services
Master Data Services

These are icons I completely made up myself so *far* from official, but open for anyone to use if you need them. I’ll probably add SSIS and SSRS at some point as well. Feel free to leave a comment on my blog if there are ones you want