Monday, April 30, 2012

CSVed – The World’s Best (free) CSV Editor/Viewer

If you work with data, you won’t be able to avoid delimited files for very long.  Sometimes you have to open these files.  If you don’t have Excel installed, you might end up having to use trusty old Notepad, which is not ideal from either a formatting or large file size perspective.  Excel is better, but no matter how you try to gloss it over, Excel is not designed as a delimited file viewer.

I have found that the right tool for the job in this case is a program that I have been using for years now called CSVed.  The newest version updates the UI, but there are tons of tools packed into this program and it can handle almost any file I have ever thrown at it, including 1GB+ files and delimited files that have bad data.  There is a unicode version of the program available as well should you need it.

Here is a link to the development homepage, you can download the latest version from there.


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Anonymous said...

Personally I use Ron's Editor ( - the new version is really powerful.