Monday, July 30, 2007

Blog III

This is my third blog.  My first blog is at the official ASP.NET blog site, and I haven't posted there in almost a year.  Also, I don't do as much straight .NET coding as I did years ago, so my posts wouldn't be very relevant in that forum.

My second blog was at a company that I worked for.  I no longer work there, and they seem to have taken all of the blogs down as the company goes through a downsizing period.

This represents my third blog.  I am planning to post interesting things related to the work that I currently do (mostly Data Warehousing and BI, and mostly Microsoft) to things that I think are cool.  I am using Windows Live Writer for posting, and it is a slick (free) tool.  I used Beta 1, and Beta 2 seems improved.  I am just waiting on them to include native image uploading for Blogger, but will just use Picasa until then.

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