Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Bluetooth Headset - BlueAnt Z9

My old bluetooth headset died (Plantronics Voyager 510, best basic bluetooth headset you can get for $45).  This seems to happen every year in February.  I am very picky about my bluetooth headset, so always try a couple until I get the perfect one.  This year I tried 2: the Aliph Jawbone and the BlueAnt Z9

They both claim to have excellent noise cancellation, but the Jawbone is very dramatic about this claim.  Back before I blew the engine on my Land Rover, noise was a real problem since that is probably the noisiest car on the road.  Since I don't have that car anymore, noise is less of an issue.

The bottom line is that for the money ($75), the Jawbone would have to be the best thing ever.  It turns out that it is not the best thing ever.  It is awkward  to put over your earBlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth Headset with Voice Isolation Technology and too big to put in your pocket.  The BlueAnt is easy to put over your ear and fits in your pocket no problem, plus its only $60.  I've had it for a 2 weeks and it is great.  They seem to upgrade the firmware frequently, and I have already updated it to v3.4, it seems to be better than it was on v3.2 but it might be my imagination.  At any rate, it is a nice headset and I recommend it.

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