Friday, February 29, 2008

Team Foundation Server 2008 RTM and 64-bit

Bad news - Microsoft is pushing 64-bit (as they should), but one of their newest enterprise products does not yet support it.  Team Foundation Server 2008 only supports 32-bit.  They have said that 64-bit support will be in the next version of TFS, "Rosario".

At least they support 64-bit SQL and SSAS, but definitely not MOSS 64-bit.  We have deployed 64-bit MOSS 2007 and it turns out that it doesn't even support 64-bit SharePoint when SharePoint is running on a different server from TFS, it doesn't even recognize that MOSS is installed:


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Nicolai Willems said...

Seems this problem has been fixed... Its a bit old post and it shows up as some of the first on google, so tought i might post. The link states it, and gives a link.