Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Upgrading Existing SSIS Packages to TableDifference Component 2.0

I am an avid user of Alberto Ferrari's SQL Server Integration Services "Table Diff" component, which you can download from  He recently released the new, improved version 2.0 of the component (the .dll still says that it is 1.0 though?) and I am upgrading a mid-size solution that makes heavy use of the prior version of TableDiff (1.x) to use the new component.  Here are my observations of both the upgrade and the new capabilities of the component.

Here is a typical Type 1 style update package (in this case an imimageport table, not a dimension) that uses TableDifference at its core to compare the new and old data flows and direct output accordingly.  Behind the scenes, I overwrote the TableDifference.dll file with the new one in both the .NET Assembly Cache and the \PipelineComponents directory.  When I opened the package, everything is working except the Update and Insert components have red X's.  These are easily fixed by simply double-clicking on each to open properties, accepting the new automatically matched column references and saving the package.  That's it, there is nothing else required to update your pacakages from TableDifference 1.x to the newly released 2.0.

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