Monday, August 13, 2007

Taking the pulse of SQL Server

If you have ever been involved in a big SQL Server project, you might have wanted some easy way to figure out how things are performing on the server.  Fortunately, many other people have wanted to do the same.  There are several ways available now (and more to come in SQL 08, specifically for SSAS I believe).  You can use the SQL Server Health and History Tool (SQL H2) which tells you all kinds of interesting things about the internals of SQL and run reports against it.

The other new and cool thing that has come out is an actual data mart that is built on top of the man Dynamic Management Views (DMV) inside SQL Server.  The DMV's are what drive the reports inside SSMS, and you can use them to find out all kinds of things.  Now you no longer have to run them manually.  Thanks to the SQL Server Customer Advisory Best Practices Team, now you can just install SQL DMVStats Data Warehouse on your server and your good to go.

Here are the main features as listed on CodePlex:

• DMV data collection
• DMV data warehouse repository
• Analysis and reporting.

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