Monday, August 13, 2007

VSTE for DB Pros (Data Dude) Power Tools released

If you are using VSTE for DB Pros, you will probably want to pick up the newly released Power Tools (didn't they used to call these sorts of things "Power Toys"?).  It adds a lot to the product in the way of convenience with the dependency viewer (you don't have to pretend to rename something to see dependencies now), additional refactoring abilities, enhanced data generation and T-SQL code analysis among other things.  Download it here.

Read more about it at Gert Drapers' blog, including detailed explanations and screen shots.

Here's the list of new features, copied from Gert's blog:

  • Dependency Viewer
  • Refactoring
    • Move Schema
    • Expand Wildcard
    • Fully Quality Name
    • Refactor in to strongly typed DataSet definitions
    • Refactor Command Generator
  • Data Generation
    • Sequential Data Bound Generator
    • Editors for the Data Bound Generator, Sequential Data Bound Generator and RegEx String Generator to make configuration easier
    • The RegEx editor also tries to interpret your CHECK CONSTRAINTs and create a matching RegEx expression that you can use to generate data values that match the constraint definition
    • The RegEx editor can also be used for interactively defining and testing RegEx expressions and evaluate the output visually, which makes it a lot easier to create the right RegEx expression for your value domain.
  • MSBuild Tasks
    • SqlSchemaCompareTask; allows you to compare schemas between two database from the command line using MSBuild.
    • SqlDataCompareTask; allows you to compare the content of tables within two databases from the command line using MSBuild.
  • T-SQL Static Code Analysis
  •  Miscellaneous tools
    • SQL script pre-processor command-line utility, which will expand all SQLCMD includes and variable definitions (sqlspp.exe)
  • Schema Manager API

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