Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Useful information about Active Directory

Anyone who is new to Active Directory will likely have a hard time finding a single comprehensive source of information on the topic.  I think the problem is almost that there is so much information, that it is difficult to find the simplest things.  Take, for example, the User Properties dialog.  What if you simply wanted to tie the fields on this screen to the LDAP attribute behind each?  There is nothing out there (that is easy to find) in the Microsoft documentation that spells this out.  Fortunately R.L. Mueller put this very document (and others) into and Excel spreadsheet and RoudyBob posted it to his blog.  Now the rest of can benefit.  Here's the link to the blog post.

Here are the direct links to the various spreadsheets:

Spreadsheet of User Properties in Active Directory Users & Computers MMC
Spreadsheet of all Active Directory attributes
Spreadsheet of User Object Property Methods
Spreadsheet of attributes exposed by the WinNT provider

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